Editorial: How many school superintendents does Hartford need?

02-23-2024 9:31 PM

For several weeks this winter, Hartford School Board members seemed intent on demonstrating that tennis players aren’t the only ones who commit unforced errors. In the end, they narrowly managed to avoid a double fault.We refer to the board’s highly...

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Column: The history behind New Hampshire education freedom accounts

02-23-2024 5:18 PM


It was distressing, but not surprising, to read that the New Hampshire Legislature is considering an increase in funding for Education Freedom Accounts by raising the eligibility ceiling to $150,000 per year for families of four who want to secure...

Forum for Feb. 24, 2024: Running Lebanon School Board

02-23-2024 5:13 PM

Why I’m running for Lebanon School BoardMy name is Richard Ford Burley and I’m running for the Lebanon School Board because I believe in supporting our children now and as they grow. As an autistic person with ADHD, I know how important it is for...

Forum for Feb. 23, 2024: Hartford admins back DeBalsi

02-23-2024 5:11 PM

Hartford administrators support DeBalsiLast Friday morning the Valley News ran an article that referenced a letter that Hartford School District administrators attempted to read at the Feb. 14 Hartford School Board meeting (“School leaders protest...

Forum for Feb. 22, 2024: Poking the Bears

02-23-2024 5:11 PM

Sharp-eyed reader Ann Seibert, of Norwich, noted with some puzzlement that the Hanover High School hockey players depicted in the Feb 16 Valley News were called Bears, but wore uniforms with the school’s old Marauders mascot. So she fabbed up a new...

Forum for Feb. 22, 2024: Politics means compromise

02-23-2024 5:07 PM

Politics means compromiseI wish I could put politics in a box and shelve it. I find the actions of Republicans in Congress so offensive as they mill about, bowing to Trump’s edicts and excusing him. A zero-sum game results where one side’s gain is the...

Forum for Feb. 20, 2024: New Hampshire’s bridges

02-21-2024 4:37 PM

NH cares not for its bridgesWonderful. The State of New Hampshire is closing another bridge across the Connecticut River, this time between Springfield, Vt., and Charlestown (“Repairs to close Connecticut River bridge,” Feb. 9). We should not forget...

Column: Vermont’s approach to education goes off the rails

02-21-2024 4:36 PM


Dear future Vermont, I’m sorry. I apologize for where you are now, it was our fault. Things got strange around 2022 to 2024 and went sideways on us. Maybe if more of us had been vocal things could have turned out differently.As you consider where you...

A Yankee Notebook: A tip of the cap to a legendary adventurer

02-21-2024 4:36 PM


During the excitement of Valentine’s Day and the nocturnal activities of the characters who covered the windows of downtown Montpelier with hundreds of red hearts, a significant birthday passed almost unnoticed.While here in the north country of New...

Column: How to totally enjoy the coming total eclipse

02-16-2024 7:46 PM


In August 2017, on a South Carolina beach with my mom, two aunts, two uncles, and another 40 adults who were either siblings, first cousins, spouses or children of same, I witnessed totality for the first time.My primary takeaway: I had never seen a...

Column: Can the US build bridges with authoritarians?

02-16-2024 7:45 PM


I always look forward to reading the periodic reports about the intersection of business and government issued by Tuck School of Business Dean Matthew Slaughter and his colleague, and former White House speechwriter, Matthew Rees. The most recent...

Forum for Feb. 17, 2024: Newbury’s decision

02-16-2024 7:43 PM

Newbury should decide what’s best for itThe Valley News version of the letter “Newbury should welcome facility” (Forum, Jan 27) had the derogatory accusations removed, but it remained an oversimplified and pejorative lecture. Notwithstanding that a...

Forum for Feb. 16, 2024: GOP drops ball on border

02-16-2024 7:42 PM

GOP drops ball on borderOnce again, the dysfunctional Republican party has put politics ahead of national interests. Our country faces a problem on our southern border. It’s important to understand the nature of this problem. Years ago, illegal...

Editorial: Sununu squanders money at the border

02-16-2024 6:21 PM

Thanks to the ACLU of New Hampshire, a rough estimate can now be made of how much it will cost the state’s taxpayers to secure the Northern Border from the purported threat of undocumented immigrants crossing over from Canada. By our calculations, the...

Forum for Feb. 15, 2024: Prioritize NH’s children

02-15-2024 12:24 PM

Prioritize NH’s childrenI am puzzled by the priorities of some New Hampshire legislators: banning books from school libraries, withholding medical care from trans students, censoring what can be taught in the social studies classroom, worrying about...

A Yankee Notebook: Reckoning with the pace of change

02-14-2024 2:27 PM


Change, we have been told, is the only constant. In recent years, we’ve come to believe, change is accelerating at a dizzy pace. And how many times have we heard the phrase “the good old days”?The good old days, I always muse, before antibiotics and...

Editorial: Dartmouth’s reinstatement of standardized tests shows promise

02-09-2024 9:01 PM

Of all the reasons for colleges to require applicants to take a standardized test, among the most unlikely would seem to be promoting increased diversity in the student body. But that is precisely the rationale cited by Dartmouth this week in...

Column: New Hampshire lawmakers ignore obvious gun safety measures

02-09-2024 4:35 PM


Monday’s Valley News featured two articles describing gun control legislation under consideration this year in New Hampshire. As part of the majority of voters who seek stricter gun control, I am frustrated and bewildered by the incremental approach...

Forum for Feb. 10, 2024: Be sure to vote

02-09-2024 4:31 PM

To serve and to voteOn March 12, Lebanon voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard. This is not just a civic duty, but a privilege and a right that all should exercise. If you want to have a say in how your school district is run,...

Column: How a key piece of Vermont gun law works

02-09-2024 4:30 PM


The 2023 Vermont legislative session saw passage of significant gun safety legislation. One piece of this legislation I would like to highlight is the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) provision in Act 45. The recent tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, was...

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