Editorial: Gov. Scott gets it wrong with Act 250 reform veto

06-21-2024 8:01 PM

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott enjoys a reputation as a split-the-difference kind of guy who’s not about to let the perfect become the enemy of the good. However well-deserved that reputation may be, it is hard to square with his veto this month of sweeping...

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Column: A change that could help Vermont public schools

06-21-2024 5:52 PM


I read with interest the article in the most recent Weekend Valley News about the Friends of Vermont Public Education (“Group defends public schools”; June 15). I am a member of this group, and the article correctly points out that Vermont is going...

Forum for June 22, 2024: Democracy’s infrastructure

06-21-2024 5:52 PM

Democracy’s infrastructureThe collapse of Route 22 linking low income workers in Idaho to jobs in affluent Jackson Hole, Wyoming (“Unclear how quickly Teton Pass road can be rebuilt”; June 10) may seem remote and irrelevant to Upper Valley residents....

Forum for June 21, 2024: Neutral leadership

06-21-2024 5:49 PM

University leaders should stay neutralThe recent Valley News editorial (“Is ‘neutrality’ another name for failing to lead?” June 15), seems to place responsibility for speaking on “essential” public issues “facing the nation” with college presidents...

Column: Health care and education need a new story

06-21-2024 5:48 PM


Over the past six months, Vermonters have witnessed two deeply saddening policy implosions. The first is the repeated failure of school budgets (the political equivalent of kicking our kids while they are down); the second is the continued increase in...

Forum for June 20, 2024: Defining ‘neutrality’

06-21-2024 5:47 PM

What ‘neutrality’ meansWith regard to your editorial (“Is ‘neutrality’ another name for failing to lead?” June 15), while I recognize that the Valley News has rarely, if ever, written any editorial piece complimentary to the Dartmouth or D-H...

A Yankee Notebook: Lunch brings on a bout of indignation

06-21-2024 5:46 PM


It’s just past lunchtime up here on the little hill, and I’m feeling extremely grumpy. This is not my usual post-lunch mood. Normally I’d collapse into my recliner, wait for Kiki to jump up into my lap and turn around till she found a spot, and begin...

Forum for June 19, 2024: Prentiss to run

06-21-2024 5:46 PM

Prentiss to run againI am writing to announce my decision to run for re-election to the New Hampshire Senate representing the 15 communities in District 5. Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of serving as your senator and am committed...

Forum for June 18, 2024: Beilock’s call

06-21-2024 5:43 PM

Beilock made the right callRandall Balmer’s recent column (“Beilock can mend her frayed reputation”; June 1) betrays a condescension and certainty of opinion about the painful recent events at Dartmouth regarding President Beilock’s handling of the...

Forum for June 17, 2024: Medicare Advantage

06-17-2024 1:04 PM

Medicare’s disadvantageLake Sunapee VNA & Hospice CEO Jim Culhane shared how unacceptably low reimbursement by United Healthcare threatens essential services by community visiting nurses (“For-profit companies use Medicare as a lever”; June 11). He...

Editorial: Is ‘neutrality’ another name for failing to lead?

06-14-2024 10:01 PM

Dartmouth president Sian Leah Beilock is considering whether the college “should formally adopt a position of institutional neutrality,” according to Liz Lempres, chairwoman of the college’s board of trustees. If it does, Dartmouth would join Harvard...

Column: American grandeur, in both landscape and spirit

06-14-2024 4:23 PM


My wife and I spent four of the past six weeks on the road in the west on two road trips that covered 3,700 miles. Our travels, which took us from Phoenix to the Pacific Northwest, helped us appreciate the vastness and emptiness of almost all of the...

Forum for June 15, 2024: Where’s the heart?

06-14-2024 4:22 PM

Where’s the heart?As a 1953 graduate of Dartmouth College, I have enjoyed reliving that moment of my life on many occasions. I was told that during the run-up to that event that President Dickey had retreated to his remote sanctuary high in Baker...

A Solitary Walker: At home among the backyard birds

06-14-2024 4:22 PM


Early on, I noticed that my legs were sturdy like my brother’s — Irish legs, short and strong, close to the ground, better perhaps for digging potatoes and clearing rocks, as my grandparents may have done. While my teenage friends seemed to dance...

A Yankee Notebook: Kids absorb the outdoors

06-12-2024 10:28 AM


We started the kids out early, Mother and I. From summers working on an island and living in a wall tent off the coast of Maine, and little weekend outings, we progressed to a trip down the Allagash when the oldest, Virginia, was 11 and the youngest,...

Column: Gov. Scott has no grand plan for affordable schools

06-12-2024 10:26 AM


It’s Groundhog Day. Gov. Scott vetoed the yield bill, again leaving Vermont school districts adrift. The reason: all the school budgets voters approved add up to more than Gov. Scott wants them to spend.None of us likes an increase. Some legislators...

Column: For-profit health care loots Medicare

06-12-2024 10:24 AM


People who know me have heard me voice significant concerns about Medicare Advantage plans. From a consumer perspective, there is a lack of transparency of what many plans offer and a wide range of plans available … some better, some substantially...

Forum for June 11, 2024: Hold steady, Americans

06-12-2024 10:22 AM

Hold steady after Trump trialThe guilty verdict in the Trump trial has set off an explosion of rage and personal threats from Trump and many of his MAGA followers. These threats are dangerous and understandably frightening to those of us in both...

Forum for June 10, 2024: The youth vote

06-12-2024 10:21 AM

The kids are all right, to voteIf you are losing sleep in anticipation of the 2024 election, there is something you can do right now. Encourage the high school graduates in your life to register to vote.In New Hampshire, 17 year olds can register to...

Perspectives: A relationship built on writing

06-08-2024 5:01 PM


Lois Moore doesn’t have an email address or any other mode of online communication. And while she does rely on her landline from time to time to talk to family, most of her information from family and friends arrives in the red, 100-year-old,...

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