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Editorial: Chris Sununu’s moral vacuum
04-19-2024 10:01 PM

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s conversion from “Never Trump” to “Ever Trump” occurred not on the road to Damascus but on the Republican Party’s road to perdition.On ABC News last Sunday, Sununu affirmed his intention to support Donald Trump for...

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Editorial: Accounting can now begin in Claremont police case
04-12-2024 9:01 PM

A couple of weeks ago in this space, we lauded the New Hampshire Supreme Court for ruling that the disciplinary records of former Claremont police officer Jonathan Stone, dating from the early 2000s, were subject to disclosure under the state’s...

Editorial: Gambling tarnishes America’s sporting life
04-06-2024 6:52 AM

Hey, Major League Baseball, does the name Pete Rose ring a bell? Remember him, “Charlie Hustle”? One of the game’s greatest players, whom you banned for life in 1989 because he bet on baseball games?We ask because you have on your hands another...

Editorial: Baseball season opens amid a farewell to arms
03-22-2024 9:31 PM

With Opening Day* of the Major League Baseball season right around the corner, we sing today, as did the poet Virgil, of arms and the man — specifically the arms of pitchers and injuries to them.First, though, let us dispose of the Boston Red Sox, as...

Editorial: Dartmouth’s puzzling prosecution of protesters
03-15-2024 9:48 PM

It’s a great mystery why Dartmouth College, the new home of “brave spaces” for public debate, continues to pursue the criminal prosecution of a pair of peaceful pro-Palestinian student protesters accused of trespassing on their own campus.The mystery...

Editorial: How Vermont can simplify its school funding system
03-08-2024 9:21 PM

Last week in this space, we revisited the origins of Vermont’s school funding system in the context of panic-inducing predictions of sky-high school budgets and tax rates for next year. How that will play out is not yet clear, but the uncertainty has...

Editorial: The history behind Vermont’s education funding mess
03-01-2024 9:31 PM

This year’s school budgeting chaos in Vermont has been justly attributed to well-intentioned legislative bungling. But revisiting the creation story of the state’s school funding system may provide useful context.In the beginning was Brigham. In 1997,...

Editorial: How many school superintendents does Hartford need?
02-23-2024 9:31 PM

For several weeks this winter, Hartford School Board members seemed intent on demonstrating that tennis players aren’t the only ones who commit unforced errors. In the end, they narrowly managed to avoid a double fault.We refer to the board’s highly...

Editorial: Sununu squanders money at the border
02-16-2024 6:21 PM

Thanks to the ACLU of New Hampshire, a rough estimate can now be made of how much it will cost the state’s taxpayers to secure the Northern Border from the purported threat of undocumented immigrants crossing over from Canada. By our calculations, the...

Editorial: Dartmouth’s reinstatement of standardized tests shows promise
02-09-2024 9:01 PM

Of all the reasons for colleges to require applicants to take a standardized test, among the most unlikely would seem to be promoting increased diversity in the student body. But that is precisely the rationale cited by Dartmouth this week in...

Editorial: Taxing Vermont’s wealth
02-02-2024 9:00 PM

Polls show that large majorities of Americans sense that the wealthiest members of society are not paying their fair share. That perception reflects reality: With income inequality hovering near historic highs, the poorest 20% of taxpayers are...

Editorial: What keeps us from addressing poverty?
01-26-2024 9:30 PM

Of all the hardships that can befall working families, loss of health insurance is among the hardest. That is the situation that nearly 30,000 Vermonters find themselves in now, having been “disenrolled” from (that is, booted off) Medicaid since last...

Editorial: New Hampshire’s problem with voter suppression
01-19-2024 9:30 PM

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has ordered the Democratic National Committee to “cease and desist” from calling the state’s upcoming Democratic presidential primary “meaningless,” on the grounds that “falsely” doing so constitutes voter...

Editorial: New Hampshire voters can deal a blow to Trump by backing Haley
01-12-2024 9:10 PM

New Hampshire voters have the opportunity later this month to vindicate the extravagant claims made over many years for their political acumen and civic engagement. That is, they have the chance to inflict a grievous political wound on Donald...

Editorial: The GOP still fights the Civil War
01-06-2024 1:32 PM

On one hand, it is inexplicable that Nikki Haley would fail to cite slavery as the cause of the Civil War in response to a direct question at a town hall event in Berlin, N.H., last month. On the other hand, it is entirely too explicable in the...

Editorial: The complex reality of juvenile justice
12-30-2023 9:13 PM

Vermont still cannot quite make up its mind what to do with “justice-involved” youth, the catch-all term for those under age 18 who have run afoul of the law. Lock ’em up? Or provide treatment in a secure residential setting? A recently decided...

Editorial: Can the Twin States make room at the inn?
12-23-2023 10:00 PM

The Christmas story as told in the New Testament is a profoundly spiritual one, of course, but it has also a compelling material aspect — “because there was no room for them in the inn,” Mary and Joseph are obliged to find shelter in what one hymn...

Editorial: Panhandling is a symptom that calls for a remedy
12-16-2023 10:15 PM

Brattleboro civic officials are perplexed over what can, or should be, done about panhandling, which is rife in their downtown. In this they are hardly alone. Communities elsewhere in Vermont and New Hampshire are struggling with the same issue;...

Editorial: Public funds should stay in public schools
12-10-2023 11:53 AM

A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of Mid Vermont Christian School last month poses the question of whether Vermont taxpayers can be compelled to financially support religious indoctrination contrary to the dictates of their conscience, the state...

Editorial: N.H. gun regulations should be tightened
12-03-2023 7:00 AM

Bradley Haas, the unarmed security guard who was shot and killed in the lobby at New Hampshire’s state psychiatric hospital on Nov. 17, has been hailed as a hero by Gov. Chris Sununu and Attorney General John Formella. While he was all of that, Haas...

Editorial: The local labor market isn’t working
11-26-2023 4:45 PM

Vermont could be the face of a looming long-term national labor shortage, The New York Times reports.That is no doubt a distinction that the Brave Little State of Vermont Public media lore would cheerfully forgo. But at least it is one that it shares...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 54 total.

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