Town Meeting preview: Sunapee

Published: 03-03-2024 10:29 AM

Articles of note: There are 15 separate articles with proposed zoning amendments on the town warrant. Two petitioned warrant articles, not recommended by the Selectboard, relate to how the town counts votes. The first offers voters three choices as to how they’d like their votes counted: Dominion machines, VotingWorks machines or hand counted. The second asks whether the town will adhere to the decision on the first article. Another article asks whether voters would create a trust fund for the purpose of expanding the Sunapee Fire Department to full-time coverage. Another seeks $58,000 to make the recreation director position full time.

Contested races:  There are no contested races.

Budgets and spending articles: The proposed town operating budget is $10.1 million, which is up from $9.5 million last year. The proposed school budget is $14.5 million, which is up from $14.1 million last year. A separate article calls for $1.64 million for a Bio Mass boiler at Sunapee Middle High Schools, which would be funded through a $1.25 million lease agreement, which includes a lease payment of $162,000 in the first year to come from taxes, and $400,000 from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

When, where and how to vote: Ballot voting will take place on Tuesday, March 12 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Sherburne Gymnasium, Route 11.

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