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Over Easy: Baby crazy in West Lebanon
05-23-2024 4:30 PM


Have I told you about our granddaughter? Yes? Oh, well, let me go on about her anyway.Since July of last year, Dede and I have been grandparents to Vivian, a former preemie who has blossomed like the flowering trees that are plump and pretty and a...

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Over Easy: On bread, buttered popcorn and big sandwiches
05-09-2024 5:01 PM


Spring is all a-bloom here in the Upper Valley, and we gallop from too cold to too hot too fast. It is a meteorological microwave.It sends me scurrying to find my summer shorts, which reveal my legs as shiny white as an airport beacon. They are...

Over Easy: ‘A breakfast without a newspaper is a horse without a saddle’
04-25-2024 5:31 PM


The Valley News was born in 1952 and so was I. This is probably coincidence, but I like to think there is more to our association than the fact that we are both from the year of the water dragon in the Chinese calendar.According to the Internet,...

Over Easy: Marvels in the heavens, and in the yard
04-11-2024 5:01 PM


It was Traffic vs. the Eclipse on Monday, a showdown of celestial proportions. Would I risk everything like Marco Polo who bravely set out to see the world, or follow the example of his brother Rocco, who said their hometown of Venice was “plenty good...

Over Easy: Happy enough in the Upper Valley
03-28-2024 4:39 PM


The World Happiness Report is out, and America’s ranking might make you frown. The USA, where “the pursuit of happiness” is enshrined in the Constitution, just after “the Right to Taylor Swift Concert Tickets” and “Snacks on on Super Bowl Sunday,” has...

Over Easy: Irishness in America
03-14-2024 2:51 PM


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and I suppose in Ireland there might be a pub on that very corner. So there’s a little bit of sadness in knowing that my West Lebanon corner leads to a gas station with hot dogs spinning on rollers...

Over Easy: Oats could be the answer
02-29-2024 9:01 PM


This inflation thing has gone too far. Not only are supermarkets working toward a $5 minimum for essentials such as cookies, the cost of something near and dear to my heart is inching ever higher.I refer to often overlooked old-fashioned oats. They...

Over Easy: No mail today
02-15-2024 6:59 PM


The U.S. Postal Service seems to think it can get mail to us more quickly by sending it far away and hauling it back. It is hatching a scheme — for all I know named Project Hither and Yon — to ship mail from Hartford, Vt., to Hartford, Conn., where it...

Over Easy: Outlook uncertain for love outbreak
02-01-2024 10:01 PM


We recently voted in the New Hampshire presidential primary — you may have heard of it. I went to the polls in low spirits, but I am always cheered by the friendly poll workers in West Lebanon who have to make sure I’m not trying to steal an...

Over Easy: Give us serious winter
01-18-2024 9:00 PM


It doesn’t do much good to complain about the weather because Mother Nature ignores my texts and emails.Thanks to climate change or something else (choose your own reality), the 10-day outlook calls for warm, cold, sun, clouds, calm, gales, drought...

Over Easy: Welcome to the world 
01-05-2024 9:44 AM


In accordance with recent practice, I was asleep when the New Year arrived with toots and kisses and other merriments that are not compelling to someone who just recently turned 71, that is, me.Oh, well, the calendar has turned and this needs to be...

Over Easy: The more the merrier
12-23-2023 2:19 AM


Tis the season to be as merry as we can manage. It’s fair to say that political and cultural events in 2023 have left us with something of a glee shortage. The latest polls say good will to men is not trending upward.And even Santa Claus is affected...

Over Easy: Embracing the gray
12-09-2023 12:21 AM

It hasn’t escaped my attention that I am growing older. So are you, daily, despite those gym memberships and fancy moisturizing creams.As for us oldsters, there seems to be a surplus. We are plentiful while the supply of young workers — the ones who...

Dan Mackie: These Patriots might not have won the revolution
11-24-2023 1:21 PM


I have long counted on the New England Patriots to carry me through winter slumps, but it looks like this is not going to be our year. In a word, they stink.The blockers offer no resistance, only a pat on the back to linemen rushing by. “See you next...

Over Easy: No garden spot
11-10-2023 9:39 PM


Is the Upper Valley making too much of Jersey Mike’s? I don’t think so — could we make too much of the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon or the spectacular moonwalk, first by astronauts, and later by Michael Jackson? Jersey Mike’s is a sub shop, and...

Over Easy: The stores we miss in the Upper Valley
10-27-2023 3:58 PM


I’m a sap for nostalgia, so the feelings started flowing recently when I happened upon an online discussion about Upper Valley businesses we miss. I’m not sure why memory attaches to certain stores, but it does, like a sticky spill on aisle 2.I’m not...

Over Easy: Celebrate National Today Day
10-13-2023 8:00 PM


Life is pretty much a day-to-day proposition, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from another. So along comes a mysterious process in which a particular 24 hours are declared the likable National Strawberry Shortcake Day or the underrated...

Over Easy: No place like Rome
09-29-2023 8:24 PM


Have you thought about ancient Rome today? That is an odd question, related to one of the oddest trend stories I’ve encountered on the internet.An online social influencer recently urged followers to ask the men in their life how often they think...

Over Easy: Presidential candidates should promise smooth path for Jersey Mike’s opening
09-29-2023 10:42 AM


Presidential primary season is upon us, as it is every four years. Little deal New Hampshire gets to feel like a big deal and local pols hope to catch a rising star and win a key post in the next administration.As a longtime New Hampshire voter, I...

Over Easy: Potpourri of pondering
09-01-2023 8:09 PM


I couldn’t come up with anything to write about today, so I decided to write about everything. Bear with me, dear readers, I had open heart surgery in late July and principally have been walking and napping since then.If there is a walking/napping...

Over Easy: Be still my heart
08-18-2023 9:57 PM


A funny thing happened on the way to a DHMC operating room. On the morning of July 26, as I pondered my fate on a hospital gurney, a medical professional asked me if I knew “exactly” why I was there that day.I chuckled. “If I wasn't here,” I said, “my...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 37 total.

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