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On the Trails: The healing power of the great outdoors
02-28-2024 5:00 PM


A good friend once pointed out to me that we never seem to refer to the “great indoors.” Two major surgeries in recent months have powerfully reminded me of just how much my mental and physical health are dependent on being active in the great...

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On the trails: Upper Valley a fertile locale for nonprofit organizations
03-29-2024 10:18 AM


Have you ever wondered how a nonprofit organization comes to be ... or why? A nonprofit organization is a legal entity organized for a collective, public or social benefit — most often created to meet community needs that are not already covered by...

On the Trail: Did NH primary show retail politics is dead?
02-05-2024 4:03 PM


Another New Hampshire presidential primary is in the books, and some political prognosticators are quick to proclaim that the Granite State’s storied first-in-the-nation primary and cherished candidate-to-voter retail-style campaigning are both on...

On the Trail (from Iowa): Christie’s departure expected to give Haley a bigger boost
01-13-2024 12:38 PM


How much Chris Christie’s 2024 exit is impacting the race for the Republican presidential nomination depends on where you are.On the day after he dropped out, the candidate who benefited most from the former New Jersey governor’s departure – former...

On the trail: Haley narrows gap with Trump
12-27-2023 1:42 AM


A month before the presidential primary, Nikki Haley is surging in New Hampshire and closing the gap between herself and front runner Donald Trump.Gov. Chris Sununu, who endorsed Haley and barnstormed the state with the former South Carolina governor,...

On the trail: Christie picks up the pace in New Hampshire
12-06-2023 12:05 PM


With New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary less than eight weeks away, Chris Christie is upping his game — and his sales pitch to Granite State voters.“I’ve enjoyed the dating period. Now it’s time for us to get married,” the former...

Unprecedented summer rains thwart group’s work improving paths
11-15-2023 11:39 AM


As I pursue my degree in Environmental Science at Colby College, I sometimes struggle waking up to lessons about the “wicked problem” of climate change — a crisis that cannot be solved with simple solutions.The reality that our climate and human...

On the Trail: Christie urges NH Democrats to vote against Trump
10-09-2023 7:34 PM


Haley has been holding a slew of town halls and other campaign events in New Hampshire, as well as Iowa – whose caucuses lead off the GOP nominating calendar – and her home state of South Carolina, which holds the first southern primary.Haley stands...

On the Trails: Teens tackle trail work in soggy summer
09-19-2023 10:28 AM


As the summer of 2023 comes to an end, it is leaving many of us with potent and lasting impressions, from the traumatic to the inspirational.Constant rain and flooding in July were life-changing events in many instances, making it strangely validating...

On the trail: Get ready for a wide-open 2024 gubernatorial race in New Hampshire 
04-11-2023 11:23 AM


He was joking, but a comment this week by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu is sparking more speculation that the popular Republican governor won’t seek what would be a historic fifth two-year gubernatorial term in 2024.“I’m not saying I’m not running...

On the trail: Bill O’Brien’s new mission at the RNC
03-26-2023 8:27 PM


Former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’Brien says protecting the Granite State’s first in the nation presidential primary in the GOP nominating calendar will be his main mission as he joins the Republican National Committee (RNC).O’Brien, a...

On the Trails: Here’s mud on your hiking boots
03-02-2023 1:38 PM


So far, this winter is not what I have come to expect of the season in New England. The snowstorms have been sporadic, and the temperatures are unseasonably warm.The back-to-back freezes and melts have turned parking lots into skate rinks. On many...

On the trail: Meet veteran political adviser helping New Hampshire Democrats save presidential primary
01-18-2023 10:33 AM


New Hampshire Democrats face major challenges as they try to save the state’s cherished first-in-the-nation presidential primary status in their national party’s nominating calendar. Now, they’re getting an assist from a veteran strategist with strong...

Displaying articles 1 to 12 out of 12 total.

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